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Calculate density commingle and Oil Product application

Calculate density commingle and Oil Product application

How to calculate   Density  Commingle after  Mixed liquid?
Commingle density is mixing two liquids which have
different density values​​.
To calculate it, we need to know the amount of each  

liquid to be mixed.  
To simplify the example I gave commingle density calculation.

Example :

Total  liquid Volume  on Tank =  800 M3,
Volume Liquid before on tank = 600 M3  with density 0.6610,
and  Added  liquid  200 M3 with density  0.7720

Density Commingle = {(600 x 0.6610 /800) + (200 x 0.7220 / 800)} 
                                         = 0.49575 + 0.1805 
                                         = 0.6762  

For simplicity then I give commingle density calculator (51 kb) only

Here is the screenshoot and address for download :

Oil Tanker Product application Based on Table 54B and Table 54.
Here with simple application for calculate Oil Product for Tanker.
Calculation automatic Generalize product ASTM Table 54B include.
Just input density at 15 degrees Celcius. and observed temperature.
Manually input Observed volume from ship's tank table.
Ullage and trim correction just showing only, not effected for calculation program.
Ready result report calculation by print out 
Standalone application used windows system 32 bit only. 

Here is the screenshoot and address for download :

 download application tanker_product based on Table 54

download  for
install component system 32

If any problem during instalation, Contact us :
winzip pasword : sudarmanto.clg 

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